Why is lockout/tagout important?

The lockout/tagout (LOTO) program is one of the best known and most important safety procedures used today. It has helped to prevent a large number of deaths, and even more injuries, over the past several decades. While it is very simple as far as how it works, its effects are far reaching and proven to work to help benefit both facilities and employees.

Keeps People Safe

The most obvious reason why lockout/tagout is so important is because it helps to keep people safe in the workplace. Heavy machinery is critical for the success of business as it helps to make the manufacturing and support of many products possible. It also dramatically improves on the efficiency of the production process. These machines, however, are also very dangerous if someone is in or around them when they are in production. The lockout/tagout program will help to minimize the risk of these machines so everyone can be kept safe.

Keeping Machinery Protected

When there is an accident related to heavy machinery the primary concern is always going to be the people working in the area. These accidents, however, can also cause serious damage to the machinery itself. Heavy equipment like this is very expensive to replace or repair, which is another reason it is so important to use the lockout/tagout program. Every accident that can be avoided will potentially save the company a large sum of money in repair costs.

Maximizing Uptime

Another thing to keep in mind is that whenever there is an incident in the workplace where someone is injured, it is necessary to halt production to help those involved. In addition, production typically needs to be stopped while the incident is investigated to see exactly what happened. Depending on the event, this can result in many hours, or even days, of lost productivity. When it comes to running a business, this can be a huge impact to the overall output and the bottom line.

OSHA Compliance

If those reasons aren’t enough, it is also important to note that the lockout/tagout program is required by OSHA in many situations. If a company is found to be out of compliance in this area it will result in a citation, which typically comes with a significant fine. All of these reasons together make it clear that the lockout/tagout program is important for all facilities.


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