Who benefits from LOTO?

The lockout/tagout program is designed to help improve safety in a facility. When implemented correctly, it can help to dramatically reduce the risk that someone or something will be in danger when working in or around machinery. This can include protections from being crushed, hit by moving parts, electrocuted, cut, or experience other types of injuries. Many people benefit from the LOTO program, which is one of the major reasons why it has become such a vital part of many facility safety systems.

Employees Working in & Around Machinery

The most direct benefit from LOTO is going to be for the employees who work in and around heavy machinery. Prior to the widespread implementation of this program hundreds of people would be killed each year, and thousands more injured, because of accidents related to unintended energization of machinery while it was being worked on.

Company Owners

The LOTO program is a requirement by OSHA in many situations. This means that all facilities need to follow it if their situation falls under the scenarios listed by the governmental agency. Any violations of these requirements will result in fines and penalties, so following the LOTO processes is going to have significant benefits.

In addition, the company will benefit from the improved safety that comes with this process. Increasing safety helps to benefit the company as a whole because it reduces down time, costs associated with fixing a machine, and much more.


Even customers will benefit from the LOTO program, though not as directly. When a facility has a serious accident or other similar event it can cause serious delays in production. In addition, this type of thing can cause damage to machinery, which will end up causing problems for the product being produced. Taking the right steps to prevent accidents will help to ensure customers are able to get what they need, and with the highest quality possible.


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