Why should a facility implement a LOTO program?

When managing a workplace, it is important to do everything possible to ensure the safety of employees and the facility itself. There are many different programs and strategies that can be used in this area, so choosing the right ones for a given situation can be difficult. When it comes to minimizing the hazards of working in and around dangerous machinery, the lockout/tagout program is a great (and often required) option. It provides protections from very serious hazards and has been proven effective for years.

Improved Employee Safety

The first, and most important, reason why you should implement the LOTO program is because it will help to keep your employees safe. Those who work on heavy machinery, or have to perform maintenance near it, can be at serious risk should someone inadvertently turn the power back on while they are in harm’s way. This can be physically prevented by using the lockout/tagout system.

Required by OSHA

In many situations, the LOTO program is actually required by OSHA. This means any company that is not using it where it is required will face serious fines and other penalties. OSHA made this mandatory in 1987, and since then it has saved hundreds of lives and prevented thousands of injuries.

Easy & Affordable Safety Policy

The lockout/tagout program is extremely easy to implement compared to many other safety processes. It is also a low cost solution to a very serious safety hazard. In order to get started with LOTO a facility only really needs to purchase the required number of locks for their facility, and the tags that go along with it. From there, a quick training session will explain how this system works and it can begin being used immediately.

Addresses Serious Hazards

Whenever evaluating whether a particular policy should be implemented it is necessary to look at the type of issue it is meant to resolve. New programs that address very minor problems may not be worth the effort in some cases. When it comes to the LOTO program, however, it is set up to address a very serious safety hazard that can cause injuries and deaths in the facility. With this in mind, it is clear that this is an important issue that should be addressed.


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