What is military equipment?

Those supplying to the Department of Defense must comply with two different standards, MIL-STD-129 and MIL-STD-130. These standards were developed for tracking items, cases, and pallets throughout the defense contractor supply chain. When labeling with condition tags, military materials are classified as any item or tool a military force needs to do their job. This can be anything from a small box of nails to ammunition, combat vehicles, or forklifts.

These materials will need to be tagged with military condition tags. Military condition tags come in five different colors (red, yellow, brown, blue, and green) that correspond with specific Department of Defense forms. The tags have been developed to be used by military members and withstand tough conditions. The bright colors and pre-printed labels will sure to be seen and accurately display the conditions of operational supplies. Again, whether it’s ammo or a power drill, they should have a military condition tag on them.

The Department of Defense requires these supplies to be labeled so they can keep track of their assets and the current condition of these assets. The tags help to know the location and condition of equipment and work to prevent theft, loss, or mismanagement of the equipment.

The material condition tags we offer here at Creative Safety Supply come already pre-printed with the necessary information. Each color of the tag is printed to correspond with the Department of Defense form. These tags also have blank areas for you to write in dates, information, and signatures. Because these military condition tags come pre-printed, there is no need for any extra supplies! You won’t need to feed these through a label printer, but rather you can fill out the tag, peel it off the roll, and adhere it to the designated surface for a long-lasting bond.


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