What are military condition tags?

Military condition tags are tags that display the conditions of operational supplies such as weapons, ammo, forklifts, power tools, and more! Basically, any piece of equipment that is being supplied to the Department of Defense for military efforts will need to have a corresponding military condition tag adhered to it. These tags come in different colors and will communicate the condition of the piece of equipment with just a glance. For instance, if a forklift is unserviceable but can be repaired, it would have a green condition tag.

military equipment tag

Turn-around time for repairs, service, or maintenance can be improved when the right condition tag is used and is filled out with the necessary information. Different colors are not only used to communicate their current condition, but the colors also correspond with a specific Department of Defense form. The following are the condition a piece of equipment can be marked as, what color the condition tag is, and the appropriate DD form:

  • When condition is Serviceable: Yellow tag with DD Form 1574
  • When condition is Suspended: Brown tag with DD Form 1575
  • When condition is ready for Test/Modification: Blue tag with DD Form 1576
  • When condition is Unserviceable (Condemned): Red tag with DD Form 1577-1
  • When condition is Unserviceable (Reparable): Green tag with DD Form 1755-2

Creative Safety Supply offers rolls pre-printed military tags. You won’t need an extra printer but instead fill out the blank areas with signatures, initials, dates, etc. Each color tag has the appropriate spaces for necessary information, and you can fill them out quickly with just a permanent marker. These military condition tags are made of high-grade vinyl that will last a number of conditions, both inside and outside. With 200 tags per roll, you will be sure to have a supply that lasts as well as a tag that will last.


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