What military equipment requires tags?

Military Condition Tag ColorsAny equipment being sold or supplied to the Department of Defense will need a military condition label. Condition tags are used for a variety of reasons: to keep track of tools, to communicate the condition of the equipment, to track inspections, etc. These tags come in different colors that correspond with the current condition they are in; they are as follows:

  • Yellow tag – Serviceable [DD Form 1574]
  • Blue tag – Test/Modification [DD Form 1576]
  • Red tag – Unserviceable (Condemned) [DD Form 1577-1]
  • Green tag – Unserviceable (Reparable) [DD Form 1755-2]
  • Brown tag – Suspended [DD Form 1575]

Having the right tags filled out with the correct information is important to keep processes running smoothly. These tags help to communicate between different divisions and departments, keeping everyone on the same page. Any piece of military equipment will need to have a condition tag attached to it, from large combat vehicles down to a small power tool. If it is a piece of equipment being supplied to the Department of Defense and is being used by the military force to do their job, it will need a condition tag.

Some military conditions tags on the market come in the right color you need but needs to run through a label printer to get the necessary information on the tag before even filling it out. The military condition tags from Creative Safety Supply however, come pre-printed for your convenience. The different color tags require different corresponding forms; thus, the tags will need different information. Each color tag from Creative Safety Supply has spaces for the necessary information for you to fill in dates, signatures, serial numbers, condition codes, and more. These labels come in a roll of 200 tags made of extremely durable vinyl with an adhesive backing.


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