How are OSHA cards obtained?

Employers often require their employees hold OSHA cards. This is a card that is given out by OSHA after a person completes their Outreach Training Program’s 10-hour and 30-hour safety courses. Getting the required training, and the OSHA card, from only authorized locations is essential for ensuring everything is valid. It is also the only want to ensure the employee is getting the proper training that they need in order to work safely.

OSHA Authorized Trainers

There are many people and websites that claim to be able to teach the 10 and 30 hour safety courses required by OSHA. If the trainers are not officially authorized by OSHA, however, this training will not count toward getting a valid card. Some of these training providers are fraudulent and will actually issue a card, but this will not be sufficient should an investigation occur. In order to ensure the training is being provided by an authorized trainer, make sure to refer to the list of authorized OSHA trainers.

What is in the Required Training

The training required by OSHA will cover a variety of different topics. In the 10-hour course, students will be provided awareness training on things like recognizing, avoiding, abating, and preventing a variety of different types of workplace hazards. It will also provide details about what rights employees have, what responsibilities an employer has, and how to file a complaint.

In the 30-hour course there will be similar topics covered, but in much greater depth. In addition, the 30-hour course also includes additional topics. These topics will typically be tailored to specific industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, and more. Both of these training courses are required in order to get the official OSHA card.

Receiving the OSHA Card

After the two courses have been properly completed, an OSHA card will be issued. This is a plastic card that the student can show to employers and potential employers in order to prove that they have completed required steps in order to comply with OSHA.


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