What kind of Spanish resources does OSHA offer?

OSHA has compiled a number of compliance assistance resources for Spanish-speaking workers. Resources include dictionaries, Spanish publications, OSHA standards in Spanish, training resources, and more. Below are some of their featured resources which you can find on their Spanish-Language Compliance Assistance page.

  • eTools for Construction: This eTool was developed to provide helpful safety information to Spanish-speaking workers in the construction industry. The tool will help workers identify and control common hazards that cause the most serious construction injuries. It is an interactive tool that reviews electrical incidents, falls, hits, and trench safety.
  • Dictionaries: OSHA offers several dictionaries, both English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English, to help both workers and employers understand important terms. This includes dictionaries for general OSHA terms, frequently use general industry terms, and construction industry terms.
  • Videos: There are several tools OSHA provides in both Spanish and English. On OSHA’s site you will be able to find videos on respiratory protection, construction hazards, heat illness prevention, filing a complaint with OSHA, and more.
  • Standards and publications: Many of the standards and publications OSHA has released over the years have been translated into Spanish. Scroll through their large library of Spanish documents to find information on hazard communication, workers’ rights, data sheets, quick cards, and posters. Whether you’re looking for the fall protection fact sheet or the nail gun safety booklet, OSHA probably has it in Spanish on their site!
  • Training resources: There are a variety of Spanish resources OSHA provides for training purposes. Here you can find a list of Spanish outreach trainers, Spanish PowerPoint slides, and Spanish training handouts.

If you still have questions, OSHA is also just a phone call away. OSHA provides Spanish-speaking operators at their 800 number, offers a Spanish option with its e-correspondence system, as well as information in Spanish on how to file a complaint


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