Why is OSHA such an important association?

Did you know thousands of employees die from workplace hazards every year, and millions of workers suffer from an occupational illness or injury? And this is with OSHA! OSHA's mission at its core is to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for workers all across America. They work to achieve this mission by setting standards, education, training, and assistance to employers in the country. There is a variety of materials to guide employees on OSHA compliance available on their website.

OSHA Regulations

OSHA has set forth standards and regulations that companies must adhere to keep their worksites free from serious hazards and to protect employees from harm by providing adequate training and protection. Since OSHA began enforcing regulations, workplace fatalities have decreased by more than 65% and have significantly reduced employee injuries. An important protection OSHA offers is through their whistleblowing protection.

Aside from protecting workers, OSHA saves both money and time for businesses and employers in the long run. Injured and sick workers will need to take days off work, and experts estimate that injuries and illnesses cost businesses roughly $125 billion annually. Although OSHA strives to reduce fatalities and injuries on the job, they, unfortunately, work with very limited resources. Due to this, OSHA focuses on businesses either with a long history of violations or industries highly susceptible to deaths, injuries, or illnesses. OSHA will conduct thorough inspections, issue citations as they see fit, and often follow up with these businesses.

OSHA also reviews many of the reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to ensure sound decisions are made. The agency has developed designated broad approaches concerning priority hazards and works to have all regulations and approaches available for employers. Finally, OSHA offers a variety of options to aid in compliance including consultation services, compliance assistance specialists, cooperative programs, and small business resources.


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