Why is OSHA training important?

OSHA is best known for creating and enforcing a wide range of different rules and regulations that businesses in the United States need to follow. While this is certainly a major component of what they do, it is not the full picture. OSHA also offers training to employers, employees, and others who need to learn more about workplace safety. They have many different types of training available to help keep everyone safe and ensure that facilities are compliant with all relevant regulations.

When is OSHA Training Needed?

In many cases people will take OSHA training simply to learn more about best practices and regulations that are put in place to improve safety. These training classes can be given online or in person and will help to improve the overall workplace safety. In other cases, employers may require that someone take and pass specific OSHA training programs in order to perform specific job functions.

OSHA offers 10- and 30-hour safety classes that are designed to provide those who take the class with basic hazard awareness. These are very popular safety classes and required in many areas before performing various job functions. There are also other educational opportunities for people to take from OSHA, all of which are focused on making sure jobs are able to be done in as safe a way as possible.

Training for Compliance

OSHA also offers training to employers who need help becoming compliant with various rules and regulations. These training services are often offered either after an employer fails a compliance audit, or before one is given to help ensure they are able to pass. This type of training is done to help ensure employers have the right policies and practices in place for employees to follow so they can be kept as safe as possible.


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