What PPE is commonly used in construction sites?

Construction site PPE

When it comes to PPE for construction workers, the first things that come to mind are a hard hat, a safety vest, and work boots, but construction sites pose hazards that require more protection and personal equipment. Working from heights, falling objects, heavy machinery, traffic, chemicals and so much more are common hazards construction workers will deal with every day. The following are forms of PPE typically found at a construction site:

  • Hard hat: Hard hats come in several different categories and classes to address certain hazards. Hard hats and helmets can protect the worker being knocked in the head or even from electrical hazards.
  • Fall protection: Even if someone is only working five to ten feet off the ground, fall protection can save them from serious injury. Many construction sites have high walkways or cranes workers are suspended from, and personal fall arrest systems are necessary to save their life. 
  • Safety gloves: It is important the safety gloves used in construction are snug and are appropriate for the task at hand. For example, if a worker is around electricity they should be supplied with insulated gloves, while a worker completing concrete work would benefit from rubber gloves.
  • Boots: Boots are essential to virtually every construction sites. These kinds of boots are nonslip, puncture resistant, and usually either steel or safety-toed.
  • Hearing protection: Whether the construction site is filled with noisy machines or next to a loud freeway, it is important to provide hearing protection to reduce the chance of permanent hearing damage. If hearing PPE will need to be used often, there are ear muffs that easily clip onto a hard hat and have pivot points to ensure comfort for the wearer.
  • Eye protection: Construction sites can have things often flying around or tools with dust coming up, so it is important to provide appropriate safety goggles or glasses to workers. There are many different varieties of eye protection, ranging from glasses with anti-fog technology to goggles with a built in face shield.

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