What is in a PPE kit?

A PPE kit, or personal protection equipment kit, is a set of PPE items that are kept together for use when needed. There can be many different types of PPE kits, each designed for a specific purpose. Having all the relevant PPE together in one kit will make it easier to ensure employees who need it do not forget an item or have a bunch of extra things that they will not use in a situation. Having the right PPE kits for a given work environment can help to keep everyone much safer.

Hazardous Chemical PPE Kits

When working in areas where there are dangerous chemicals, it makes sense to have a PPE kit that includes eye protection, skin protection, respirators, and other items depending on the hazards associated with the chemicals in the area.

Arc Flash Protection PPE Kits

An arc flash is a powerful burst of electricity, which can cause serious injuries to anyone in the area. Whenever someone is working on high-voltage equipment, they should wear PPE that will prevent the electricity from passing through their body. In many situations this will include a full body insulated suit. Since arc flashes often cause fires and explosions, having a hard hat and fire protection gear may also be needed.

General PPE Kits

There can also be general safety PPE kits, which would include things like hard hats, safety gloves, protective boots, and more. These make it easy for anyone working in construction or manufacturing to have the basic items that they will need to stay safe in most situations.

Custom PPE Kits

In many situations it makes sense to put together customized PPE kits that will provide employees with the exact type of protection that they need. PPE is an essential safety option for many different situations and making sure employees have what they need is critical for workplace safety.


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