What Does PFAS (Personal Fall Arrest System) Stand For?

There are many times when a worker needs to climb a ladder, get up on scaffolding, or otherwise work high up above the ground. While this is often necessary, it is also very dangerous. When someone makes a slight slip, they could fall causing serious injuries or even death to themselves or anyone who happens to be below them. To help keep people safe, PFAS devices were invented. PFAS stands for personal fall arrest system.

There are many different types of personal fall arrest systems out there. Some of them are simple tether that goes around the waste of the person using it and is then attached to a secure point up near where they are working. Other types will require that the person working up high wear a special harness that will distribute their weight better so that they are at less risk of getting hurt from the PFAS itself should they fall.

Either way, the main point of a PFAS is to ensure that the person using it does not fall to the ground from a ladder or other area. If someone who is wearing a PFAS slips from up high, it will catch them and often suspend them in the air until they can get down. The way they get down will depend on the design of the device, but in most cases, it can be safely lowered either automatically or with the help of someone at the base of the unit. PFASs are often required in many industries so make sure you are aware of what they are and how they are used.


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