What is the Six Sigma green belt?

Six Sigma training is important for helping to reduce waste in the workplace, improve quality, and meet customer expectations. Anyone who wants to work in a Six Sigma environment should work toward attaining the correct certification level for their role. Each certification level comes with a different color belt, similar to what one would see in martial arts. In general, the options are yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and master black belt. While it is not necessary to get each belt in order, many people will go through each process to ensure they can take advantage of all the education and opportunities that present themselves.

How to get a Six Sigma Green Belt

In order to attain a Six Sigma green belt one will need to have three to four years of full-time employment experience. They should have a logical and analytical mind, a passion for improvement, and leadership skills. When ready, a certification exam will have to be taken at an authorized Six Sigma training and certification provider location. The exam is a 100-questions and can last up to four hours. In order to pass the exam, one only needs to get 50% or better. After passing the exam, a candidate will have to complete one or two separate projects that are related to green belt concepts. This will typically be done under the mentorship of an experienced green belt, or a black belt.

Who Needs a Green Belt?

Those who want to attain a green belt will typically be team players who are in roles where process improvement projects are common. This certification really helps people to bring the concepts and theories of Six Sigma into practical real-world situations. While some people who get the green belt will want to go on to attain a black belt, it is also very common for someone to remain a green belt throughout the remainder of their career. Green belts help to show employers that the individual has the knowledge and experience needed to lead or participate in a wide range of different projects.


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