How can wires be organized in a drawer?

If you are like most people, you have a drawer in your home and/or office that is filled with spare wires and cables. They are likely from a wide variety of different things, and while they aren’t in use right now, they are nice to have around in case they are ever needed. Simply having them tangled up in a drawer, however, is not a good idea. When carelessly stored like this it is hard to find what you need, and the wires can get damaged when trying to separate them. Read on to discover some proven tips on how wires can be organized in a drawer.

  1. Separate All the Wires: the first step will be to remove all the wires from the drawer, and carefully separate them from each other. Keep in mind that it is not safe to just pull on one end of a wire to try to get it loose from the tangled mess. This can result in the cables getting crimped or bent, which can damage them.
  2. Dispose of Unwanted Wires: While many wires are good to save, there are almost certainly a few in there that you know you will never use again. Identify any cables that you are confident you won’t need in the future, or those that are damaged, and throw them away (or better yet, recycle them). This will be a great step toward a more organized cable drawer.
  3. Organize Each Wire: Now that you have only cables that you want to keep, it is time to get them all into a position where they will be safe and can be organized. For longer wires, consider wrapping them snugly around an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. This will keep them neat and organized, while also protecting them. Smaller wires can be wrapped around a pencil or other item. If this doesn’t work, simply coil the wires up, and secure them using a zip tie or other similar item.

Once you have each cable taken care of, place them back into the drawer in a way that makes sense. For example, keeping all electrical wires together is a good idea. You can also organize them with wires you are more likely to use in the front. However you do it, make sure to place them in such a way as to ensure they won’t get tangled up again in the future.


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