What is wire marking?

Most workplaces, whether large manufacturing facilities, or small offices, have a lot of equipment in them to make sure things can get done. This equipment includes large machines, computers, phones, and much more. The one thing all of this has in common is that it requires wires to get power, allow communication, and perform their functions. Whether setting up a new facility, or adding equipment to an existing one, you need to make sure you have a good wiring plan in place. Part of this plan should include proper wire marking.

Wire Marking 101

Wire marking is when you label, or mark, all wires with information about them when they are installed. These markings will include important information that will help people who are working on or around the wires in the future. In most cases, these markings will be created with an industrial label printer so that they can be easily applied, and will last a long time. While it does add a little bit of work during the install process, it will save a huge amount of time and effort down the road. A good wire marking strategy will even help to improve workplace safety.

Why Mark Wires?

When running a new wire it is easy to simply pull the wire through to where it needs to go, and plug it in. If you ever need to troubleshoot a problem, however, you’ll quickly realize that there are dozens, or even hundreds, of wires that all look very similar. In this situation, you’ll wish that you had each wire marked with key information. Some things that most wire marking strategies have include:

  • To & From – Identifying where the wire is coming from, and where it is going to, will help you to find the wire you need fast.
  • Type of Wire – Listing what type of wire it is can be essential. Is it electrical, data, fiber optic, or something else?
  • Maintenance Information – Identifying when the wire was installed, what maintenance was done on it, and other important factors can be very helpful.
  • Other Details – Depending on the situation, it can be helpful to include other information based on your facility. A good wire marking strategy will involve planning exactly what needs to go on each wire.

Wire marking isn’t a difficult process, and it provides many essential benefits. Taking the time to develop a good wire marking strategy, and ensuring it is followed, will benefit the workplace today and long into the future.


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