What are the hazards associated with improper wire marking?

When most people think about wire marking, they assume that it is a good idea because it makes things more convenient. For example, when you need to run a new wire, it is easy to pull the existing one out because you can identify which one it is without any trouble. While this is certainly a major advantage of a good wire marking strategy, that is just the beginning. There are many hazards that exist because of improper wire marking or failing to mark wires at all. Understanding these hazards can be an important motivation to always label all wiring in a facility.

Fire Hazards

When working with electrical systems it is always important to ensure that everything is hooked up correctly. When the systems have high voltages, this becomes even more essential because any problems could result in excessive heat and fires. In many high voltage systems, for example, the ground wire will be separate from the other wires. If this wire is not properly labeled, someone may remove it without realizing what it is. Without the ground wire in place, the electrical wires, or the machinery itself, will be at significantly greater risk of fires.

Electrocution Hazards

There are many times when it is necessary to cut an electrical wire so that it can be repaired or removed. As long as the wire is not plugged in, this is a safe and easy task that any electrician can perform. Without proper wire marking, however, it is difficult to ensure that the wire that was unplugged on one end is going to be the same one as is being cut on the other. This leaves the electrician at serious risk of shock or electrocution when doing their work.

Mechanical Malfunction Hazards

Working on wires that are still carrying electricity to a machine can result in the machine either having the power unexpectedly cut, or an electrical surge. Either of these two things can cause the machine to malfunction, which can be very dangerous. Mechanical malfunctions can cause damage to the machine itself, but even more dangerous is the risk of someone who is working near the machine getting hurt. These are some of the most significant hazards associated with improper markings on wiring. Given the fact that wire marking is a very easy and inexpensive task, there is really no reason to put the facility at greater risk.


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