What does a safety professional do?

Safety professionals are individuals who typically work in the manufacturing, warehousing, or industrial settings. Their job is to analyze the workplace environment for potential risks, and based on that information, come up with ways to improve the safety in the facility. Those who wish to work in this role will typically need at least an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in the industry where they want to work, though not all employers require this.

Proactive ResearchSafety professional

In most cases, the bulk of a safety professional’s day-to-day work is going to be conducting proactive research, and creating procedures based on their findings. For example, they may spend time studying the way a particular task is completed in a manufacturing environment. They will look for areas where an accident or injury could occur, and then look for ways to prevent that from happening. To accomplish this they will:

  • Analyze the Environment – Looking at the environment where work is done is often a great way to spot hazards that can be addressed.
  • Review Previous Incidents – Looking at incident reports from the area can give a safety professional guidance on what they should be looking for.
  • Talk with Employees – The frontline employees are a great resource as they will know where people have to take extra precautions.
  • Much More – Each investigation or activity is going to have its own set of tasks that a safety professional has to complete.

Analyzing Safety Events

Another important component of the job of a safety professional is to investigate all safety related events that occur in their facility. Whenever someone is injured, or even if they are nearly injured, the events leading up to it should be looked into to see if there is anything that can be done to prevent it in the future. In addition, the response to the incident needs to be investigated to see if everyone reacted the way they needed to in order to maintain a safe workplace.

Of course, there are many other responsibilities that a safety professional will have. Working with employees, supervisors, and upper level management of a facility will help to improve workplace safety today, and well into the future.


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