Security Tags

Securely safeguard equipment,
hazardous materials, tools, and more.

Creative Safety Supply has several options for security tags available including bolts, polypropylene material, and more. Security tags are often used in the presence of hazardous materials as a safety net for evidence of tampering. The document that addresses the transport of hazardous materials, CFR 49, states that inspections are actually required to prove that the hazardous material hasn’t been tampered with during the shipping process.

Each option of security tag that we carry comes with a serial number on the tag itself to prove that something has not been opened during transport. This is extremely important when regarding materials like bulk foods, various liquids, and hazardous materials since the consequences could directly affect the consumer.

Free Valve Tag E-Book

Free Valve Tag E-Book

Guidelines and solutions for creating valve tags for your facility.

  • Easy-Break Security Seal

    Easy-Break Security Seal

  • Custom Safety Inspection Tags

    Custom Safety Inspection Tags

  • Cable Security Seal

    Cable Security Seal

  • Custom Information Tags

    Custom Information Tags

  • Bolt Security Seal

    Bolt Security Seal

  • Pull-Tight Security Seal

    Pull-Tight Security Seal

  • Dual-Lock Security Seal

    Dual-Lock Security Seal


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