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Inspection tags help ensure equipment and machines are running efficiently and help communicate to workers when inspections have been most recently completed. Visual communication is the key to any successful safety program—it helps manage hazards and helps workers remember when vital maintenance needs to be executed. Inspection tags are an essential part of keeping work environments safe, efficient, and accident-free.

Inspection tags are built with tough, tear-resistant, waterproof LabelTac® material, and come in bundles of 25. These tags are designed for easy comprehension and quick readability so there’s no room for confusion. Keep equipment functioning efficiently and workers safe with a strong maintenance system. Let these inspection tags help.

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  • Ladder Inspection Tag (Adhesive)

    Ladder Inspection Tag Record routine ladder inspections with the adhesive Ladder Inspection Tag. Making frequent ladder inspections part of your day to day or weekly task will ensure your facilities ladders are always in perfect shape. This adhesive tag... More details

  • Ladder Inspection Checklist (Adhesive)

    Ladder Inspection Checklist Need a quick reference guide for ladder inspections? The adhesive Ladder Inspection Checklist provides the exact info needed to create a thorough ladder inspection when necessary. Adhere this tag onto your ladder for a quick... More details

  • Forklift Inspection Tag (Adhesive)

    Forklift Inspection Checklist Keep track of your facilities frequent forklift inspections with the adhesive Forklift Inspection Tag. By making weekly or monthly inspections part of your workplace routine, you can ensure that your forklifts will be in... More details

  • Quality Control: Repair Tags

    Quality Control: Repair Tags Designed for Quality Control departments. These Repair Tags help filter out products that have been inspected and failed the quality control process, but can be repaired in order to become approved. These tags also allow... More details

  • Safety Inspection Tags

    Safety Inspection Tags   Perfect for inspecting the safety of equipment and machines, these Safety Inspection Tags are designed to help to keep track of prior inspections and record future safety inspections. By providing weekly or monthly... More details

  • Eye Wash Station Inspection Tags

    Eye Wash Station Inspection Tags Keep track of eye wash inspections with the Eye Wash Station Inspection Tags. According to ANSI Z358.1, eye wash stations should be visually inspected weekly. During these inspections, the condition of the station as... More details

  • Quality Control: Failed Tags

    Quality Control: Failed Tags Designed for Quality Control departments. These Failed Tags help filter out products that have failed the quality control process, and prevent failed products from getting mixed with batches that are approved and ready to be... More details

  • Quality Control: Approved Tags

    Quality Control: Approved Tags Designed for Quality Control departments. These Approved Tags help filter out products that pass the quality control process from products that are awaiting or have failed inspection. These tags also allow room for... More details

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags

    Eye Wash Station Inspection Tags Record portable extinguisher tests with the Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags. Fire safety is not something that should be taken lightly. Assure the safety of your employees and remain compliant with OSHA safety... More details

  • Emergency Shower Test Record Tags

    Emergency Shower Test Record Tags Record Emergency Shower inspections with the Emergency Shower Test Record Tags. According to ANSI Z358.1, self-contained emergency showers should be visually inspected weekly. During this inspection, the condition of... More details

  • AED Test Record Tags

    AED Test Record Tag Keep track of AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) inspections with AED Test Record Tags. By keeping your AED up to date and providing proper weekly or monthly visual inspections, you can prevent malfunctions that could decide life... More details

  • Inspection Record Tags

    Inspection Record Tag  Record notes and inspections with the Inspection Record Tags. Useful for equipment that needs necessary daily, weekly, or monthly inspections, these tags help your facility monitor industrial equipment inspections to keep... More details

  • Monthly Inspection Record Tag Roll

    This Monthly Inspection Record Tag Is Made From A 10-Mil Poly Stock And Are A Good Choice For Both Indoor And Limited Outdoor Use Applications. Tags Can Be Written On With A Pencil, Ball Point Pen, And/Or Marker And Are 3" X 6.25" With A .375" Hole. Tags... More details

  • Custom Safety Inspection Tags

    Custom Safety Inspection Tags Create Inspection Tags customized specifically to match your facilities needs with Custom Safety Inspection Tags. Just select the color and the type of customized text you would like on the tags header, as well as the... More details

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