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This DVD is a great teaching tool for your 5S event or as a reminder to employees about your 5S system. The DVD explains each step of the 5S process and gives examples of real-world applications that help with comprehension. This DVD is the ideal length for keeping viewers' attention and providing helpful 5S information.

Video Highlights:

  • Explains each step of the 5S process
  • Outlines benefits of 5S
  • Gives examples of each stage, explained with video and illustrations


  • Film Length: 30-minute guided tour of the 5S process
  • Format: Plays in any region
  • Quality: High-definition format


Basic script from video:

The goal of any business is to be as successful as possible.

But what separates a successful business from those that are struggling to stay afloat? Of course skilled leadership, dedicated employees and a sound business plan are vital.

But sometimes these things are not enough. It is also important to have effective tools to thrive and prosper in today's fast-paced markets.

And that is where lean systems, and more specifically 5S can make the difference between success and failure. Correctly implemented, the 5S lean system can be one of the most powerful tools in any company's workshop.

My name is Tina Ann and I will be presenting the Enna Corporations’ introduction to 5S. What is 5S? 5S is simply a set of techniques used to eliminate waste and create standard work procedures.

The 5S system was created to streamline production, organize operations and cut costs. These are universal business goals. Extremely versatile, the 5S system works from the shop or assembly line to the warehouse, to the office.

The concepts presented in this introductory look at 5S apply at all levels of business. 5S works on the principle that an untidy and cluttered workplace is less productive than a clean and ordered workplace.

Unneeded equipment, jumbled items, and dirt impeded employees, compromise productivity and efficiency, and create a demotivating environment.

5s into action dvd by enna corporation5S solves all these problems and has substantial benefits such as;
-    Reduces the cost of inventory
-    Fewer items to store means less storage space needed
-    Increases workspace
-    Plant area is used by people working, not idly sitting unused
-    Improves workplace conditions
-    Clean spacious work centers, rather than grimy crowded areas
-    Reduces the work cycle time
-    Turnaround from start to finish experiences fewer delays
-    Reduces defects and damage
-    Problems are prevented so they never need to be solved
-    Reduces production lead times
-    Production operates by customer poll rather than push
-    Improves customer satisfaction
-    Customers obviously prefer higher-quality lower cost and faster order fulfillment
-    Lowers the number of accidents
-    Safety goes up and costs go down
-    Increases teamwork efficiency - the team is close within earshot and able to work together easily
-    Increase company morale
-    Rather than dealing with problems and frustrations everyone can do their jobs smoothly
One of the goals of the 5F system is to eliminate as many of the “ing” words as possible words such as walking, searching, carrying and arranging. All of these actions are wasteful in any business.

When using 5S tasks become faster without everyone having to work harder because there is less motion involved at the work at hand. By eliminating as many of the “ing” words as possible, your company has already become more streamlined.

Although every ‘S’ in 5S represents a single concept, each will take time to fully put into practice. But by implementing the system correctly a cleaner, more efficient and successful business is just around the corner.

So let's start at the beginning, at better understanding what 5S is. The 5S’s are: Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize and sustain.

These are the five crucial steps that can change any cluttered workplace into a clean and efficient production area.  Sort begins the 5S process by examining all items in the target area. Unnecessary items are placed in a holding area. All garbage is thrown out and large unnecessary items you can't move or unsure of, are red tagged.

5s into action sustaining results and realizing the benefitsSet in order follows. Here we determine the most efficient spots for all necessary items and move them to their proper place. Next, during the Shine phase we clean all workstations and equipment. Standardize can be seen as improving the previous three ‘S’s by developing a controlled change of standards through trial and error and communication. And last, Sustain a the target area to maintain a neat and orderly workplace with cleaning schedules and managerial commitment.

Now let's return to the first ’S’ and look at each of the steps in more detail.

Most of us tend to collect personally needed items around us to make it more convenient to retrieve them at any time. However, in a work setting, such personal convenience makes for professional clutter and ultimately leads to inconvenience in accomplishing our tasks.

Unorganized and unneeded items use of time spent searching, create safety issues due to tripping hazards and demand extra movement walking around obstacles to retrieve tools that are needed at hand.

Wasted time, wasted movement, wasted energy, wasted motivation, wasted costs. The sort step will eliminate all of that waste by organizing items. We begin the sort process by going through your work area taking a complete inventory of what you have on hand.

The 5S team will have written criteria to determine the difference for our purposes between useful items and wasteful objects. Some of the questions they will ask you are, “What is it used for?”, “Who’s using the item?”, “How often is it used?”, “Is it safe?”.

All tools equipment and supplies should be catalogued and accounted for. Take your time. Make sure everything is tracked. Sometimes workers are too used to seeing their own area so personnel working outside the target area should conduct the sort.

The usual areas where unused items build up are behind equipment, on floors, next to walls, under tabletops, in corners, within cabinets, in drawers, closets and all nooks and crannies.

Once the 5S team has completed the inventory list they will break this list down into two separate categories. The first category is everything you need to get the job done. The second category is simply everything else. All items in the second category will then be red tagged. Once the specific sections of the red tag has been filled, out everyone will know where the item originally came from, why it’s no longer needed and finally, what action needs to be taken.

Once cataloguing has been completed it is time to create what we call a holding area. This will be a temporary staging point where all of the currently red tag tools, equipment and supplies can be gathered together and organized.

The holding area must be clearly marked and in plain sight not hidden away and it is important for this area not to become a junkyard of lost or unused articles. With every item in the red tag area labeled correctly it's simple to keep this area clean and organized. You can also easily reclaim something that you might have incorrectly categorized.

This area can also be used by other employees to find items they might need for their own jobs and prevents the added waste and costs of reordering unnecessary supplies. As well, if you wish to put anything into the holding area, get the holding area manager to fill out the item log.

Once the predetermined holding period has expired, all red tags and holding area items are removed. The company determines how this will be done - whether by selling, donating, recycling or throwing the items out.

5s process in warehouses and officesUpon completion the source step will have effectively cleaned your workplace and cleared it of all unnecessary and wasteful items. Now everything that is left just needs to be put in its proper place.

An un-organized and awkwardly set up workplace is another source of waste, potential injury and frustration. T Set In Place step helps make your work area safe, streamlined and efficient.

The 5S team will organize all remaining equipment in the most efficient manner for you to carry out your daily responsibilities. The location of tools, part's, hardware and supplies is analyzed with the goal of minimizing product transportation, storage and worker motion.

The 5S team will create a one-way flow so that product is where you need it, when you need it. The prolonged halting of assembly parts and warehouse products between workstations, creates waste of space for storage and waste of time for retrieval. A continuous flow of parts or product down a factory or warehouse floor creates an efficient environment free of multiple storage areas.

The 5S team will create a map of where everything goes in the workstation. If you are working with many tools, the 5S team will trace outlines where they are to be placed. These shadow boards show you what is missing, or where the item belongs.

With a simple glance, the team will start labeling by using masking tape to temporarily identify the contents of all drawers, bins and garbage cans. The team will trace out the location of garbage bins, carts, mobile print stations and walkways.

This can be especially helpful in high-traffic areas where many people share the same space. In principle this simple method has proven to be very effective in eliminating waste and tools more importantly in time.

Locating all items should be instant. When everything is in its proper place it does not take time, or self-discipline, to locate, use and re-rack the tool.

This encourages organization and prevents articles from being lost or misplaced. Take your time with the new configuration. Experiment. Feel free to try different combinations and layouts. The idea is to make things fit the way you actually do your work. Remember the first change is never the final one - you are the expert in your own work area.

So do not be afraid to talk to the 5S team to customize your environment, to meet your specific needs, while maintaining the goals of 5S.

It may take some time to get everything set up, however, once the second step, Set In Order, has been completed, all of the remaining necessary tools will be set in the most effective place.

The result will be a better workspace:
-    Excessive twisting and bending are eliminated
-    All items are stored close at hand
-    Ideally below the chest and above the knees
-    Safer for the back and easy to get the job done.

Nothing will take more than a moments notice to lay their hands on since everything has been sensibly stored and all holding locations have been properly labeled easy retrieval.how to put 5s into the office

Avoiding clutter, working around a mess, and dealing with damage, take up little bits of your energy making your workday harder. Worse than clutter that comes from doing the job, arer messes that seem to happen on their own.

Why do we mop up the same spill, repair the same equipment over and over, often missing the source of the leak or the cause of the breakdown?

The first goal of the Shine step is to clean all dust, dirt and contaminants from a work area. Second we fix and optimize all equipment and third we eliminate the sources of dirt and malfunctions.

Many people think the shine step, like all of 5S is basically good housekeeping. However that is only a part of it. At the root of 5S is the development of a system that keeps a clean and safe work environment. This means refining a process for creating and maintaining a clean and safe workplace. The work area is kept spotless, with less time cleaning.

The 5S team involves workers from the target area, as well as employees from other areas, to optimize cleaning by:
-    Sweeping
-    Dusting
-    Cleaning tools
-    Emptying recycle boxes
-    Throwing out trash
-    Replacing damaged cords and
-    Changing burned-out lightbulbs

The little energy drinks that tire you out are eliminated. As you go about cleaning, make sure you seek to understand the sources of the untidiness. Make notes - everyone should work together to identify and record the root causes of mess and equipment malfunctions.

This way solutions are created as soon as possible. Perhaps a piece of machinery leaks oil in the same spot of the floor. The shine step of 5S shows that mopping the spill is not enough. We need to address the problem at the source. In this case, repairing the machines leak will assure that no mopping is required.

Solving group problems and preventing machine malfunctions will save you time, energy and frustration in the future. Having a complete record on hand of both problems and solutions will save time further down the road if the problem ever reoccurs, or the coworker ever encounters the same problem at a different department.

After completing this step you will have identified the causes of all of the regular clutter and mess in your work area and have a clear idea as to how to prevent them from reoccurring. Your work environment will improve, the quality of products will improve and you will spend less time maintaining your area.

5sintoactionwarehouse2.pngAt this point your work area will be at its absolute best. Everything has been sorted and organized according to its importance. All of your day-to-day tools are kept in their most efficient and time saving locations. Now we just have to find the right procedure to maintain it this way.

Standardization can be viewed as a way of monitoring, maintaining and improving upon the previous three ‘S’ steps. If all actions contributing to sort, set in order and shine are standardized then the progress that your company has made will not be lost in the following weeks or months.

If good standards are put into place then it will be easier for you to continue the improvements of 5S in your workplace. Visual management is the best tool to standardize a work environment.

At a glance, visual tools such as these simply convey to workers how to sort, set in order and shine an area without over complicated guidelines and checklists. The location of tools and equipment will be quick and easy to retrieve and place back. This will help you and other employees clearly keep track of all items at your workstation as well as keep the work area clean. All other information should also be available to you through the visual tools at the 5S workstation.


Such standardized messages might include:
-    How much inventory should be stored in an area
-    How to store dangerous and fragile items and
-    What safety gear is required at a location

Every company will have specific 5S needs. During the standardize step you will receive instructions for 5S procedures that you can incorporate into your daily job.

As well, remembering general guidelines will help you to preserve the previous 3S steps in your workplace:
-    Remember to sort
-    Have red tags on hand so you can red tag unneeded items.
-    Move unneeded items to the holding area and throw out any garbage
-    Remember to set in order
-    Replace items in their proper label place immediately after using them
-    Do not hide items
-    Avoid storing items in jumbles and on the floor
-    Do not store private items within your workstation

Empty drawers and shelves are a waste, but so are cluttered ones. And when you find a stray item without an assigned place, again, red tag it and remember to shine. Follow sweeping and dusting schedules so your workstation and common areas are comfortable and healthy to be in. Remove all5sredtaginvideo.jpg damaged cords and tools and report any machine that needs to be repaired.

Safety is an important aspect of 5S. Shine is often a key to safety. As a new guarding of your 5S workplace, you will create a more efficient and enjoyable place to work and become the first line of defense against accidents and injuries.

Shine actions such as cleaning clutter, mopping spills and removing damaged electrical equipment, can prevent accidents. With standardized procedures you and your fellow workers will be able to implement the 5S system in all areas of the factory and warehouse.

An organization which performs the first 4S’s well, will have an easier time with the last ‘S’, Sustain, as it is nothing more than a continual application of the initial four steps.

Sustain is a mindset. It is crucial at this point that a company continually tries to improve each working area. The pursuit of excellence through 5S will create a workspace that does not require self-discipline to work in. This makes your job easier because workstations will accommodate natural human movement.

There are many examples of this. Retractable set ups make sure that tools return to their place automatically. Garbage holes in tables give a worker in extremely easy way of cleaning the countertop by sliding refuse into the hole. And right side bins make sure the work tools are never far from reach.

The key tools of sustain are:
-    Time for improvement
-    Communication throughout the company
-    Structure improvement methods
-    Education
-    Rewards and recognition

Realistically the 5S system requires time for workers and management to sustain its benefits. A small amount of company time must be set aside for each worker daily. A good amount for an eight-hour shift is about 10 minutes. In this time, you step away from your regular duties and will be exclusively implementing sort, set in order and shine.

Additional time will be allotted weekly and monthly for 5S communication and education. Constant communication between you and the 5S team is paramount. 5S will only be sustained through the steady exchange of new ideas. You and your 5S team will work together to update processes for your ever-changing workplace and to set realistic and truly helpful ongoing improvement goals.

This constant communication will help evolve the 5S structure in your company and this is critically important for the sustained step. Maintaining 5S structure will ensure that 5S responsibilities and schedules will always be clearly visible and well defined. That way everyone always knows what is to5sintoactionforklift.png be done, when and by whom.

Continued education plays a key role in sustain. Providing all employees the chance to learn about 5S, reminds all workers and management of the system and its benefits. Education also improves skills implementing 5S. Education can take on many forms, such as small informative meetings, visitors talks, videos and on-the-job instruction.

Ultimately rewards are the single most important aspect of the 5S system. After all, that's why we turn to 5S in the first place - for the company. The rewards are increased productivity and efficiency, improved quality and decreased waste.

For you and your fellow workers, the rewards are a clean and safe workplace with less fatiguing movement, less searching, less discomfort, more chance to give your input and more recognition your contributions.

In other words, you’ll have an easier workday in a better environment. I hope you found this introduction to 5S helpful.

For more information on how you can improve your business please view the entire series of Enna’s videos on 5S and lead management.

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Once you and your workforce have learned about 5S, you can obtain tools that will help you use visual communication to carry out the steps of 5S. These tools include floor marking tapes, toolbox foam, tool outline vinyl for shadowboarding, and informational signs.


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5S Into Action DVD

5S Into Action DVD


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