The 12 Days of Christmas Safety infographic

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The 12 Days of Christmas Safety

  1. Clean your chimney. Dirty chimneys can cause chimney fires.
  2. Make sure your outdoor lights are meant for outdoor use. Follow labeling for number of light sets which can be connected end-to-end. Discard any string of lights with frayed cords, cracked lamp holders or loose connections.
    Pro tip: Turn off the electricity to the supply outlet before working on outdoor wiring.
  3. Use safe ladder practices when hanging lights.
  4. Be careful when getting decorations out of a low attic. Watch for exposed nails, wires, low-hanging rafters or cross-beams. In addition, openings between truss chords can present a fall hazard.
  5. Turn off all indoor and outdoor lights before you go to bed.
  6. Place candles on steady, non-flammable surfaces and away from curtains and other flammable items. Keep them out of reach of children and pets. Blow candles out when you leave the room.
  7. Always have a working fire extinguisher in the house and keep it easily accessible.
    Pro tip: Install working smoke alarms on every level of your home and outside each sleeping area.
  8. With so much holiday cheer, don't get distracted and leave cooking food unattended.
  9. Keep trees away from heat sources like radiators and fireplaces.
    Pro tip: Before setting up the tree inside, trim two inches off the stem diagonally so it can absorb water. Add water each day to ensure the tree is well watered.
  10. Do not overload electrical circuits or extension cords.
  11. Always turn Christmas lights out before leaving home or going to sleep.
    Pro tip: Purchase lights that have a label from a recognized testing laboratory, and follow instructions on cord labels regarding connecting lights strings and extension cords.
  12. Keep sidewalks & steps shoveled and de-iced to prevent slips and falls.

Santa's tip: Don’t drink and drive. Santa would call a cab!

According to the NFPA, U.S. fire departments respond to an average of 230 home fires that start with Christmas trees each year. Electrical failures or malfunctions are a factor in 1/3 of all Christmas tree fires. A little safety can go a long way for keeping the HAPPY in your HOLIDAYS!

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Safety first!

Don’t let safety mishaps ruin the holiday season! This fun and informative Christmas safety infographic covers potential hazards including Christmas trees, lights, candles, and ladders. On average, U.S. fire departments respond to 230 fires that begin with Christmas trees annually, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Take safety precautions to avoid fires so you can enjoy your eggnog, your family, and ol’ St. Nick without any unplanned trips to the hospital this holiday season.

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