Marking Floors for effective Social Distancing

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Marking floors is the most effective way to communicate social distancing.

The CDC recommends that workers, visitors, and customers are able to stay six feet apart from each other while they are on your worksite.

Floor marking is the best visual reference for people to immediately recognize the appropriate distance from other people.

Types of floor marking for social distancing:

Floor Tape: With floor tape, there are a variety of options for visually establishing distance:

  1. Set down floor tape strips in places where people must line up, such as a checkout line or the clock-in area, so they can see where to safely stand.
  2. Use long strips to mark out aisles or pathways so workers are able to traverse your facility without accidentally bumping into one another, or to encourage people to stay out of certain areas.

Floor Shapes:

  1. Footprints and directional arrows show people which way to go, which is especially helpful if you implement one-way aisles.
  2. Use dots, X’s, corners, and footprints to indicate exactly where people may stand and set up their workstations.

Floor Signs:Floor signs provide essential context to the floor tape and floor shapes you install so the meaning is immediately understood.

Note: It’s helpful to have signage that was designed specifically to be placed on the floors and will hold up to vehicle and foot traffic.

Social distancing strips are a nice combo product between floor tape and floor signs. These strips provide visual reference of where to stand, and also have messaging on them. Using social distancing strips provides a very consistent, and durable method of communicating social distancing in your facility.

OSHA has issued a memorandum stating that employers must present instructions in a language that each of their employees can understand.

Some areas where you can easily install floor markings:

  1. Check Out Lines: Make it easy for customers to visualize how far apart six feet really is.
  2. Time Clock Areas: Use floor marking to keep people from crowding or standing too close to one another.
  3. Waiting Areas: Use floor marking strips in reception areas, ticket counters, and other places people queue.
  4. Common Areas: If it is not possible to keep break rooms and other common areas closed, keep seating at a minimum and apply floor signs reminding workers to keep six feet apart.
  5. Operator Stations: In manufacturing facilities, make sure operators are maintaining a healthy distance from one another by placing floor marking where workers should stand.

Choose the combination of floor marking products that is right for you to effectively communicate your social distancing measures.

Other helpful tools for communicating social distancing:

  • Wall Signs
    Implement wall signs in specific areas to help encourage social distancing. For example, you can put a “thanks for practicing social distancing” sign in aisles or at each person’s workstation or desk, or a “face masks required in this facility” sign by the front door.
  • Banners
    You can mount banners on the outside of your building or at each entrance. Banners are highly visible and help provide essential information so people are properly informed before they enter a certain area.
  • Posters & Infographics
    Posters and infographics may help you describe proper hygiene practices or provide an example of social distancing in a fun and unique way that catches people’s attention.
  • A-Frame Signs
    You can set up A-frame signs along the sidewalk, in parking lots, and at entrances to communicate that you are open for business and provide information as to what people can expect, especially when it comes to your social distancing policy.

Marking floors is the most effective way to communicate social distancing

Is your workplace set up to help prevent the spread of illness? According to the CDC, social distancing is the best way to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). Floor markings are a simple but effective way to ensure customers, workers, and visitors are maintaining a healthy distance of six feet at all times. In this infographic we explore different types of floor marking for social distancing and share some best practices for visually establishing a safe distance.


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