How does 5S help the business to grow?

When discussing the 5S methodologies, most people look at how the strategies can identify waste and help find ways to eliminate it. While this can help to save money for the company, that is really just the beginning. When properly implemented, 5S can help a business to grow, expand, and find improved success over time. The following are some key ways that 5S can help any business to grow.

Reducing Expenses Associated with Waste

All businesses have some type of waste that is costing the company time, money, and more. When 5S is used, the company and employees will be actively looking for that waste, and coming up with ways to reduce or eliminate it. While it isn’t possible to eliminate 100% of all types of waste in a facility, the financial costs of any eliminated waste will add up quickly. By cutting those expenses, a company can invest that money in more useful ways to grow the company.

Focused on Process Improvement

While the primary goal of 5S is to eliminate waste, this is done by improving processes that exist within the facility. In most cases, waste is eliminated by making improvements to the processes and procedures that exist within the facility. This can result in the entire operation running more smoothly, which helps to increase the amount of products that can be created and sold. In the end, this allows the company to serve more customers.

Improved Workplace Morale

When getting ready to implement 5S in a workplace, many employees will likely be resistant to the idea. This is because people tend to not like change, and the idea behind waste elimination often sounds like job cuts to employees at first. Once the 5S implementation has been done, and employees can see how it not only benefits the company, but also makes their jobs better, the morale will typically change. Employees can feel empowered, and their work is much more efficient, which can be rewarding. Happier employees will make it much easier for a company to grow and expand.

Improving Safety

While not technically part of the 5S system (it is in the 6S methodology), safety is still seen as an important aspect of any workplace improvement strategy. Improving safety is critical for any company to grow. A safer work environment will improve productivity, keep employees happy, and ensure the company remains in compliance with OSHA and other regulations. In the end, improved safety is one of the most important ways that 5S (or 6S) can help a company grow.


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