What are the Benefits of 6S in Production?

If you are looking at the 6S system for your facility, you will undoubtedly want to know about the benefits that it can provide.

Implementing workplace improvement policies like 6S will take some work, so you want to ensure that the benefits will outweigh the costs when it comes to production improvements. 6S (and 5S) have been used by millions of companies, and it continues to be one of the most popular workplace improvement options out there. Learning about the benefits of 6S in production will help you to see that it is a good investment for your company.

The first thing to understand is that 6S is designed to help your facility operate more efficiently. This is done by putting in policies that will help to find and eliminate waste from the environment. For example, the ‘sort’ concept has you looking at every item in the facility and removing it if it is not something that is required for production. This will benefit everyone in the facility because things will not be so cluttered and hard to find. You also will not be taking up storage space with things you don’t need, which is a big plus.

Having a specific place for each item, which is done in the ‘set’ step will make it easier to find what is need so people are not wasting time looking for items. Cleaning the facility is part of the ‘shine’ step and will benefit the area by making sure that things are in the best condition possible.

Standardizing tasks benefits everyone because it makes it easier to train people and ensure things are done right. The sustain step will benefit the company by making sure that improvements continue long into the future. Of course, improving safety is going to have direct and obvious benefits to the company as well.


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