What impact is climate change having on agriculture?

Climate change is affecting both people and industries all over the world, bringing new challenges as the world around us continues to change. From extreme weather conditions to water shortages, the agriculture industry is another who are having to quickly adapt to the effects of climate change, having to change century-old processes in an attempt to minimize environmental damage. Here are some of the current struggles faced:

Pests and diseases

Warmer temperatures and new levels of precipitation have created more favorable conditions for pests in various nations, leading to outbreaks that can spread rapidly. In order to battle the infestation and distribution of these pests and diseases, many farmers are having to resort to using pesticides, an unfavorable addition to produce for consumers while also having a detrimental impact on the environment.

Changes in weather

From increasing temperatures to high levels of rainfall, farmers are being heavily impacted by issues such as floods and droughts which are causing havoc with the condition of their crops. Without being able to predict the oncoming weather conditions and having to deal with extreme temperatures in the summer months, yield quality is seeing a decline as it becomes more difficult to maintain growth patterns.

Health of livestock

As well as impacting crop production, the effects of climate change is also creating issues in maintaining healthy livestock, with the changes in vegetation disrupting grazing. The hot weather is another hurdle, with extreme temperatures causing health issues, or even mortalities, among livestock who are living outdoors without access to shade.

Water shortages

Decreased precipitation is causing droughts which poses significant challenges for farmers who rely on rainwater to sustain their crops. With agriculture workers having to resort to other water sources such as extracting groundwater or introducing irrigation systems, this is subsequently worsening the amount of water resources available across nations.



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