What can a barcode be printed on?

Barcodes are found in just about every area of life ranging from the supermarket to warehouses, and much more. Creating barcodes is a relatively easy process and can be done with just about any type of printer. Of course, when creating barcodes for use in high volume environments, it is necessary for the printers to be able to keep up with demand. Understanding what most barcodes are printed on will help any facility to plan out how they will take advantage of this technology.

Barcodes on Cardboard/Card Stock

A huge number of barcodes are printed onto cardboard or card stock. This material can be printed while it is flat and then folded into the shape that it will need to be when used. This is commonly done for storing food, putting barcodes on boxes, and much more.

Barcodes on Labels

Another common option is to print barcodes on labels. These can be vinyl labels, or simple paper sticker type labels. They are often used to place a barcode on shelving, onto shipping containers, or any number of other things. This is a simple and convenient option since you can run the labels through just about any type of printer, including industrial label makers, to create long lasting barcodes for just about any use.

Barcodes on Plastic

Printing barcodes onto plastic is another common option. Depending on the type of plastic that this is done for it may require a special type of printer that, or even need to be done when the plastic is created. Barcodes on a plastic material are great for outdoor areas where they may be exposed to rain or other elements since it will last much longer.

Creating Your Own Barcodes

If you are going to use barcodes in your facility it is important to be able to print them on the materials that you need. You may need a special type of printer to be able to create the barcodes the way that they are needed. Fortunately, this is an easy and efficient process for just about any scenario.


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