Barcoding Questions and Answers

Working to improve efficiency, reduce losses, and organize your workplace will help reduce costs in any facility. Barcode systems are perfect for improving these essential workplace goals and can be done by organizing tools, controlling inventory, and using the labels for maintenance purposes.

Topics covered:

Here you will learn all about the benefits that barcoding labels offer and how they work well within Lean manufacturing methods. Some of the topics that this Q&A section will go over are:

  • How barcodes work: Everything you need to know about how scanners work to decipher barcode messages, what type of information is used for barcodes, and what is meant by 1D or 2D data formats.
  • Uses for barcodes: You will run across information on asset tags, rack labeling systems, and even equipment labeling as some of the many uses that barcodes offer.
  • Inventory management: Using barcodes for inventory management is still one of the most popular instances where barcodes are implemented. Barcodes help track inventory and tell employees when stock is running low. This is essential if reducing loss and managing costs is a company-wide goal.

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