What Type of Labeling Equipment Should I use for My Labels?

Labels are an important tool for conveying information in the workplace. They are commonly used on electrical equipment, pipes, machinery, and other areas to quickly share information about safety hazards or methods of working on a specific area of a facility. In order to properly label your equipment, you need to have the right tools available.

Industrial Label Printer

The most important piece of equipment you need to create labels for your facility is an industrial label printer. There are many options available that can do a great job at making the labels you need. LabelTac printers, for example, come in a variety of different models based on your requirements. Some, for example, only print off the small labels used for wiring and other things. Others can print off larger labels that are easier to see and great for labeling bigger objects.

Proper Label Media

You will also need to have the label media that the labels are printed on. The most common option is going to be a standard vinyl label, which is very durable and long lasting. These types of labels can come in many different colors so you can produce exactly what you need. You can also purchase labels that glow in the dark, come pre-printed with specific shapes, and much more. Having a variety of different types of label media available will ensure you can create the exact labels you need.

Label Design Software

Top of the line label printers come with great software that will allow you to create a wide range of different types of labels without any problem. Many of them even come pre-loaded with some of the most common designs such as stop signs, warning labels, and more. If you need to create a custom label, however, having the right design software available is essential.


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