Who is Responsible for Labeling Electrical Equipment?

Electrical systems need to be properly labeled to ensure they are maintained correctly and to help ensure the safety of anyone who is working on them. It can be confusing, however, to know who is responsible for placing the labels on the system, and who will be making sure that they are kept up to date. In general, there are a few different points where it makes sense to assign the responsibility of labeling your electrical equipment.

The Installation Team

The primary group who should be responsible for labeling your electrical equipment is the team of people who are installing it. Putting labels on all systems while they are being installed makes it easy to ensure nothing is missed. Good labels will also help to ensure everything is done correctly when hooking your equipment into your electrical systems.

The Maintenance Team

When your system is upgraded or having routine maintenance performed, you will want to make sure that they are labeling things as they go. If they must replace a part, for example, one step in the process should be to make sure that all labels associated with the part being replaced are updated to ensure they still have correct information.

The Inspection Team

Finally, it is a good idea to have someone in your facility responsible for performing inspections to all your electrical systems. Part of what they should be looking for is whether every aspect of your electrical system is properly labeled. This is often the team that will need to add or adjust a label because of updates to regulatory requirements that have been made since the equipment was installed. Performing regular inspections will help to ensure your systems are always kept up to date and working properly, but they should also help to ensure that your labeling strategy is effective.


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