How can I make my own GHS labels?

Any facility that uses GHS will need to have easy access to labels that depict the GHS pictograms. These labels will be used on all containers used to store hazardous chemicals, any shipping boxes or trucks, and other areas where these chemicals are used. Fortunately, it is a simple process to create your own GHS labels right in the facility.

Industrial Label Printer

The easiest way to make GHS labels is by using an industrial label printer. These printers can create high-quality labels of any type, including the pictograms used by GHS. Most models are able to print in both black & white and color, which is important for making GHS labels. The pictograms themselves will need to be black and white, but the diamond around the pictogram needs to be red. Other advantages that you will enjoy by having a good industrial label printer include:

  • Durable Labels – Industrial labels are made to stand up to harsh environments. This will help ensure your GHS labels won’t rip or tear during normal use.
  • Long Lasting Print – The print that goes on to these labels is long-lasting and resistant to fading. Since many of these labels will be in place for years, this is a critical advantage.
  • Label Stock for Any Environment – There are quite a few different types of label stock that you can choose from in order to get the results you need.
  • Easy Access to Labels – Once you have your label printer set up to create GHS labels, you can print them off as they are needed.

Printing the Pictograms

In order to create the GHS labels that you need, it is necessary to have access to GHS pictogram files. These files are available for free online from many sources. In addition, the software that comes with most industrial label printers will include the pictograms automatically since they are such a popular item. Once you have the pictograms installed and ready to go, it is a simple mater of printing them off as they are needed.


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