How can I properly create GHS labels?

If you use GHS in your facility it is critical that you know how to create the labels that you need to remain in compliance. This is even more important if you operate in the United States or another country where GHS standards are mandatory. Creating or attaining GHS labels is quite easy and can be done in a variety of different ways. In the end, each company will need to determine which methods work best for them and stick with it.

Purchase GHS Labels

You can order pre-printed GHS labels from a variety of different companies. Given the fact that GHS labels follow a specific standard, you can typically order a bulk number of them at a very reasonable price. You’ll also be able to select just the pictogram labels that you need based on the type of chemicals that are used in your facility.

Industrial Label Printer

Most companies have an industrial label printer on site that is used to create safety labels and other items. All good industrial label printers will be able to easily create GHS labels as they are needed. Printing off this type of label in your own facility will be quite a bit cheaper even then ordering them from a print shop or online distributor. In addition, since you can print them off as they are needed, you’ll never have to keep a large inventory of labels on hand. Each employee will know that they can simply create a new label as it is needed, which can save a lot of time and effort.

Creating Proper GHS Labels

Whether you choose to order these labels from a third-party provider or create them in your own facility, you need to make sure that they are created properly. Each of the nine GHS pictograms needs to be printed according to the GHS standards. In addition, the diamond around the pictograms needs to be red. Positioning the pictograms properly is also very important when a chemical has hazards that are represented by more than one pictogram. 


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