What are Some Hazcom Training Tools?

Training employees in the hazcom (Hazardous Communications) program is extremely important. When done properly, employees will have a good understanding of what chemicals are used in the facility, what hazards they have associated with them, and how to stay safe. In addition, they will know how to look up additional information about each chemical so they know how to respond to a spill or other accident. Proper training, however, can be difficult. Making sure that you have the right tools and resources available will help you to provide everyone with the training they need.

In most cases, you will want to provide all new employees with at least a basic level of training as part of their orientation program. This can be done using books or online resources that discuss what hazcom is and how it can help to keep people safe. Other tools that are commonly used during this time are things like sample hazcom pictograms, examples of safety data sheets, and more. Getting employees some hands-on experience with looking at and understanding hazardous chemical labels will ensure they know what to do when working their job.

It is also important to provide all employees with continuous learning and resources so that they stay up to date and sharp on this topic. One tool that is commonly used for continued hazcom training is informative posters and safety signs. These items can direct people to the office where safety data sheets are, or give information on what to do if there is a chemical spill in the area.


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