What is pipe labeling/pipe marking?

Pipe labeling, also commonly called pipe marking, is a common practice in most buildings and many other environments around the world. To put it simply, it is any effort that is made to label or mark pipes to provide information about the pipe, including the contents of the pipes, to those in the area. While it is primarily known as a safety improvement process, there are many other benefits to a proper pipe marking strategy as well.

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Quickly Conveying Information

When done correctly, pipe labeling or marking will convey important information to the people in the area. The specific information, and how it is conveyed, will depend on what type of pipe it is and what it is being used for. Some examples include:

  • Hot Water Pipes – A hot water pipe should identify the fact that the water within the pipe is hot, and therefore potentially dangerous. It should also list which direction the water will flow.
  • Dangerous Gasses – Many types of gasses are transported through pipes, and labeling can identify which type of gas it is. It should also include safety information about that gas, and whether or not it is under pressure in the pipe.
  • Potable Water – Water is transported through pipes for many reasons, and not all of it is safe for drinking. Labeling pipes to say whether it is potable or not can help ensure people are protected when accessing it.

Of course, there are many other types of information that can be conveyed using pipe markings. Coming up with he right strategy to convey the right information for your needs will provide your facility with many advantages.


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