Ammonia Pipe Marking

Ammonia Pipe Marking

Stay IIAR compliant.
Mark your ammonia pipes.

If your facility has pipes containing ammonia, you must follow International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) labeling requirements. These labels feature black text on an orange background and have five key components: abbreviation, physical state, marker body, pressure level, and flow direction. Choose the labels below that match the contents of your pipes. Then select the appropriate sizes. Consult our free Ammonia Pipe Marking Guide for details about ammonia pipe marking requirements.

Free Ammonia Pipe Marking Quick Guide

Free Ammonia Pipe Marking Quick Guide

Diagrams, labeling elements, common abbreviations and other requirements to stay IIAR compliant.

Pipe labels made simple with LabelTac® printers

Get everything you need to label your pipes including a printer, software, and our special single-step ammonia labels. With the LabelTac Pro X Orange Ammonia Pipe Marking Package, you can create long-lasting, industrial ammonia labels that follow IIAR labeling requirements.

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Ammonia Pipe Markers

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