What Types of Hearing Protectors are Available?

When people think of workplace safety, they often overlook one of the most common hazards that exist in most places. Sound. Machines, large fans, vehicles, and other things all contribute to producing noises that can cause damage to people’s hearing. Whether that is from sudden very loud noises or constant lower-level noises, hearing protection is an extremely important part of any workplace safety strategy.

Any company that is looking to reduce the risk of hearing damage for their employees needs to look at what types of hearing protectors are available. The most popular type of hearing protection is going to be the standard earplug. These plugs are inserted into the ear canal and help to prevent sound from entering. There are many variations of earplugs, and they can have anywhere from a small to a major impact on reducing the decibels of sound that enter the ear.

Another popular form of hearing protection is the earmuff. These fit over the entire ear and are made from special materials that help to keep loud noises out. These are often seen as being more comfortable for longer wear and can be put on or taken off in seconds. There are also some versions of hearing protection that combine the styles of earplugs and earmuffs.

Within these two main categories of hearing protectors, there are many different options. There are even options that use noise-canceling technology to further provide protection. Finding the best hearing protectors for your specific facility will help everyone to be able to work safely without risk to their hearing.


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