What is the European Standard EN 50110?

The 50110 European electrical standard, ratified by the three ESOs in Europe, covers all general requirements for electrical activity that deal with working on, with, or near electrical installations at varying different levels of voltages. To put it simply, the standard essentially goes over all aspects of safety and installation when electrical risks are present in the area. The standard applies to both temporary constructions as well as permanent installations and specifies standard operation and maintenance procedures in these environments. With that being said, this standard is not for the use of those who are not involved in an electrical position unless a piece of equipment has been made to be operated by an ordinary person after initial installation. The standard states that if there are no standards existing for the following instances, then EN 50110 can be interpreted for use in these specific settings:

  • Any aircraft that moves via its own power. The standard does note that international aviation laws must take precedence over national laws such as EN 50110
  • Any ship moving on its own power or by direction of a master. The same applies here with international marine standards
  • Electronic telecommunications and information systems
  • Electronic control, automation, and instrumentation systems
  • At mine sites
  • Off-shore installments that are subject to marine regulations
  • On vehicles
  • On electric traction systems
  • On research work for experimental electrical systems

This standard is the baseline for electrical work in the Europe region whereas the NFPA’s and ANSI’s standards do as such for the United States. The differences between the two regions and their standards, while they may be unfamiliar, do still share the same goal and that is to keep people safe around electrical equipment.


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