What is the NEN 3140 Standard?

The NEN 3140 Operation of Electrical Installations – Low Voltage standard is a Dutch standard that works in tandem with EN 50110. Bundled together, both the NEN 3140 and NEN-EN 50110 standards are referred to as “Operation of electrical installations 1998” and cover both low voltage and high voltage working conditions. Overall, NEN 3140 covers the safe operation of tasks nearby, on, or with electrical objects in low-voltage environments with a maximum of 1,000 volts AC or 1,500 volts DC. The environments that may be seen using this standard include factories, offices, ships, and construction sites, as a few examples. Updated in July of 2019, NEN 3140 now covers subjects such as the prevention of arc flash hazards as operators across Europe who use these electrical standards are realizing that the already existing guidelines are not doing a good enough job at preventing these kinds of catastrophes. With that being said, the workers following this standard should be familiar with the following:

The importance of electrical safety is a high priority everywhere when thinking about occupational hazards. For that reason, it is incredibly important to be familiar with the standards of the area, whether that be in Northern Europe – for this Dutch standard – or in the United States, or the standards applying to members associated with groups such as CENELEC.


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