What are different road or traffic control safety signs?

Facilities that have warehouse traffic or busy parking lots will need to invest in road and traffic control safety signs. These signs will guide people along the safest route, inform them of hazards, and alert of unsafe areas to park.

  • Warehouse traffic: Facilities and warehouses are often filled with forklift, industrial vehicle, and pedestrian traffic traveling in close quarters. It is important pedestrians are kept safe as an incident involving a worker and a vehicle can lead to serious injury or even death.

Lay down floor signs and post wall signs to alert pedestrians they are entering an area with forklift traffic. Reminders that pedestrians to wear hi-vis safety vests should also be installed in these areas. As for forklift traffic safety, many of the signs to control industrial traffic are very similar to traffic signs you would see on the roadway. Stop signs, yield signs, wrong way signs, do not enter signs, and speed limit signs are all great traffic control options and will add order to the workplace. Forklift operators can also benefit from signs reminding them of areas not to enter with a forklift, and there are similar signs prohibiting pedestrian traffic.

Floor tape can be used in conjunction with safety wall and floor signs to create distinct aisles for both pedestrians and industrial vehicles. Tape can also be used to mark off appropriate spots for forklifts and create crosswalks.

  • Outdoor spots: Places with busy parking lots may need to invest in traffic control signs. Post speed limit signs to ensure no one is speeding in the lot and post visible signs to ensure cars will not block emergency exits or fire lanes.

Other areas that would greatly benefit from safety signs are loading and dock areas. Workers should be kept alert of traffic coming and going, and the best safety practices to use in these areas.


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