What can I use floor signs for?

It may not seem like it, but the floor is one of the best areas to put down a safety sign. Industrial floor signs were developed to be durable and withstand forklift traffic, heavy pedestrian traffic. The floor signs here at Creative Safety Supply are made with an extremely strong adhesive backing that will stay attached to floors for years. Installing floor signs is a simple task, simply peel off the backing and place on the desired area of the floor.

The following are just a few uses for safety floor signs.

  • First aid signs: If someone is dealing with an injury or an emergency, it can be easy to forget where certain safeguards are located. Using visual communication is an ideal choice to remind workers of these safeguards and their own safety training. Floor signs can be placed under, near, or on the path to emergency eyewash stations, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, alarms, emergency shutoff panels, etc.
  • PPE signs: Signs instructing workers to don PPE is an ideal reminder to be used along with PPE wall signs. These signs can be placed in front of areas that require PPE to give the employee a warning they will need to put on their equipment before entering
  • Navigation: Arrow shaped floor signs can be used to direct places such as emergency exits, safety stations, fire escapes, evacuation routes, etc. This will not only be a helpful reminder to workers in cases of emergency, but it can also be helpful for visitors in the facility.
  • Traffic control signs: Industrial traffic in a warehouse or facility can pose a severe danger to pedestrians. Floor signs resembling road signs like “Stop” and “Wrong way” can help to alert drivers of rules for driving the facility. Use a sign to remind pedestrians to look both ways before crossing an aisle can keep people aware and reduce struck-by accidents in the workplace.

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