Are safety signs just for the wall?

The wall is just one place safety signs can be posted. A visual communication strategy and safety program will be improved by using a variety of safety signs placed around the facility. Other forms of signs a facility or safety manager should consider include:

  • Floor signs: Industrial floor signs are a great option to use in conjunction with wall signs. Floor signs can alert both pedestrians and forklift drivers in the form of a red STOP sign, remind workers to keep the area clear, or mark off a door swing area. This is a particularly effective form, as many people look down while walking.
  • Virtual signs: Virtual signs, like SignCast, are signs that are projected from a light on the ceiling, and are effective floor signs in difficult environments, places with high traffic levels, or uneven surfaces. Virtual signs are indestructible to foot traffic and can be clearly seen from a distance.
  • Standing signs: These types of signs are easy to transport, easy to store, and sets a type of physical barrier. The most common type of standing sign that can be found in a factory, store, or other type of workplace is a “Slippery When Wet” standing sign. Standing signs are ideal for temporary hazardous situations.
  • Labels: Durable vinyl labels often come in the same format as a safety wall sign, but with the added bonus of being smaller and featuring a strong adhesive backing. The adhesive backing allows the user to apply the label directly onto machines and equipment. Industrial label printers gives the facility the option to create hundreds of custom, professional grade labels in a single day.

It is important workers are alerted of hazards, and it is usually most effective when the warning or alert is placed in several areas. For instance, if there is an arc flash hazard in the facility, floor signs can be placed to alert the worker of the arc flash boundary and a wall sign can give the worker more information about the dangers of arc flash.


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