How can social distancing be practiced for small businesses?

Small businesses have always been the cornerstone of the country, and that is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many businesses are closed during this time, those that are open are especially important. All small business owners and managers need to take extra precautions to protect their employees, customers, and the community in general. The first step in this goal is to practice appropriate social distancing.

Steps to Consider

The following small business tips for social distancing are a great place to start.

  • Remote Work – All employees who can do their jobs from home should be strongly encouraged to do so. The fewer people in an office the more effective social distancing will be.
  • Video or Phone Meetings – All meetings should be moved to either video conferencing or audio conference calls.
  • Close Areas of Congregation – Any areas where people commonly gather should be closed. This may include lunchrooms, break rooms, water coolers, and other similar places.
  • Improved Leave Policy – During this time it likely that some employees will need to call in sick more often than necessary, and that should be encouraged. If someone has any of the symptoms of COVID-19, they should be encouraged to stay home. Updating a sick or leave policy to reflect this is an important aspect of social distancing.
  • Adjust Work Schedules – If your business normally operates only during normal business hours, consider adding in second or third shift so that employees can stagger their schedules.

Every small business is unique, so make sure you are also looking at your own facility and policies to see what can be done. Social distancing strategies that may not work for other companies might be ideal for yours. Taking the time to look at every aspect of your business to determine what can be done to keep people further away from each other may literally save lives.


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