What can I tell my employees about reducing the spread of COVID-19 at work?

Whether your business has been open throughout the pandemic, or it is just starting to open back up, it is important to keep your employees informed about what is going on. Knowing what to tell employees to help them to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at work is critical. By working together, everyone in the workplace can stay safer until the threat of this virus has passed.

What You Expect of Employees

Making clear policies that your employees can follow is very important. Let them know exactly what you expect of them while you are at work. For example, tell them that they need to remain six feet apart at all times and that this includes in lunch and break rooms. Tell them that you expect that they wash their hands more frequently, and especially that you want them to stay home if they are feeling sick. Whatever policies you make to help keep them safe, let them know and make sure you are available to answer any questions they may have.

What You Expect of Customers

When interacting with customers it can be more difficult for an employer to keep the employees safe. By letting your employees know that you expect customers to follow certain guidelines while in the store, it will make them more comfortable standing up for their safety. For example, if you require customers to wear a mask while in the store, your employees should be ready to remind customers of the policy should they walk in without a mask on.

What You are Doing to Keep Them Safe

Any actions that you are taking to make sure employees are safe should be communicated to them to help ensure they are comfortable. For example, if you have hired a cleaning crew to go through and disinfect all surfaces multiple times per day, make sure to let your employees know. If you are having barriers installed in certain places to keep people separated, tell them that as well.

Clear communication about what is going on and how your company will handle the situation is critical. This will help to ensure everyone is as safe as possible and that the COVID-19 virus won’t spread more than it should.


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