What are the objectives of TPM?

Total productive maintenance is comprised of three things: objectives, goals, and tools/tactics. Like any other Lean manufacturing strategy, TPM aims to impact production, waste, and employee morale. However, its objectives do set TPM apart from other tools.

TPM objectives

Goals and objectives are two terms commonly used interchangeably, but in fact have two different meanings. In terms of business, goals are seen as aspirations and are written down as statements. They represent what a company hopes to achieve in the future and are somewhat vague. Objectives on the other hand, are how a company will meet that goal. Where goals are vague, objectives are quantifiable and measurable. For every goal statement made, there should be an objective set.

For example, a goal of the company may be to streamline production in the manufacturing process and an appropriate objective here could be something along the lines of "increasing productions overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by five percent." After setting a goal and an objective, it's time to create the action plan. In the case of TPM, the tools/tactics are found in the eight pillars. When a company uses one or more of these pillars to achieve their object, their goals are also effectively accomplished.

TPM has goals and objectives that are vague and common across industries. When you start to implement TPM however, you will want to set goals that are beneficial to your specific facility and measurable objectives that can be met. Tools and strategies are also used across industry and some may work better in your workplace than others. It is important to be flexible because TPM can be difficult to implement. Keep your goals and objectives in mind and don't be discouraged!


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