What are the steps to implementing TPM?

Total productive maintenance is a strategy that must be carried out in a number of steps. Different organizations will have different needs for their specific TPM program, but the following are steps and actions a workplace will need to take in order to be adequately prepared for TPM implementation.

How to Implement TPM 

Steps of TPM

  • Involve upper-management: This will need to happen at the very beginning of any TPM development. Workers are more likely to participate in a program when management supports, understands, and promotes it.
  • Educate: TPM relies heavily on full employee participation which can be achieved through education. A facility should offer formal sessions to communicate the importance of TPM activities, the benefits of TPM, and everyone's role in TPM.
  • Put together committees: TPM is a complex strategy of eight concepts that can often be difficult to implement when it is not a group effort. It will be important to establish a committee (or a few) to promote and sustain TPM while fostering communication between upper-level management and frontline workers.
  • Establish a target and create a plan: Achievable goals should be set and TPM policies should be outlined prior to implementation. A detailed 'master plan' will need to be outlined and it should identify what resources or materials will be needed for training, the types of restorations and improvements equipment needs, new technologies, and more.

Following the completion of these steps, official TPM implementation will usually begin with a type of introduction ceremony like a 'kick-off'. The facility is then prepared to carry out the activities established by the eight pillars of TPM. A few of these activities include assessing the effectiveness of equipment, creating an autonomous maintenance program, and teaching maintenance skills to operators. Afterwards, an organization should review the success of their efforts and the progress of their maintenance program with a continuous improvement mindset, already thinking about what improvements can be made next.


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