What are some tools of TPM?

Total productive maintenance aims to improve productivity in the workplace and reduce waste through its eight different pillars, a tall order! There are tools available however, that are designed to make your TPM journey a bit easier.

  • Inspection cards: Brightly colored inspection tags are a great visual to communicate important inspection procedures for a specific piece of equipment.  Operators will now how frequently inspections occur from the color of the tag, as well as who is responsible for the inspection and what type of maintenance may be needed.
  • Tags: TPM tags, like inspection cards, are a visual tool used to communicate important information to the operator. These tags are used to identify which pieces of equipment need maintenance and what kind of maintenance they need. On the back side of the tags are sections request an action, create an action plan, and summarize the action taken. This can be helpful in keeping operators and maintenance crew on the same page.
  • Training guides: TPM relies heavily on full employee participation. A key way to achieve this is to provide comprehensive training and training guides to workers. Having easy-to-understand guides on hand will make it easier for employees to reference them quickly and keep them refreshed on the concepts of total productive maintenance.
  • TPM forms: Standard TPM forms are an excellent option for keeping TPM information together and organized. Keep track of your facility's TPM activities easily with forms like an abnormality assessment form, a TPM tag register, an OEE worksheet, an autonomous maintenance form, and more.

These are just a few examples of physical, tangible tools that can be used with TPM and it is still important to remember your other Lean tools! Using strategies like a Gemba walk or Kaizen event can have a big impact on your maintenance efforts and can help you with finding solutions and becoming more productive.

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