How do accidents occur at the workplace?

Accidents are more likely to occur in dangerous working environments.

Types of Workplace Accidents

In fact, some of the most dangerous occupations that can be had in the U.S include the following:

  • Logging workers
  • Flight engineers and aircraft pilots
  • Oil, gas, and mining occupations
  • Roofers
  • Garbage and recycling collectors
  • Iron workers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Farmers
  • Fire fighters
  • Power linemen workers

But you may wonder, how exactly do these accidents occur? What inevitably goes wrong? Unfortunately, there’s no “one answer fits all” scenario when referring to the cause of accidents. In fact, quite a lot of factors may come into play.

The first issue to address is to ask if safety measures are being followed by employees and are being enforced by management. Not following OSHA regulations and consensus standards that are meant to mitigate hazardous conditions are an immediate problem. The lack of safety can be anything from not having the right PPE, not using the right safety protocols, or even not performing regular maintenance. All of these factors, when neglected, play a part in increasing levels of danger within the workplace.

Next, take into consideration as to whether there’s enough visual reminders or thorough training available. Without constant reminders, employees may slip up on a tasks or forget an important element regarding their own safety. This instance is magnified with a lack of proper safety training, or job training in general.

Lastly, some accidents just happen. All necessary safety procedures, rules, protocols, and protection equipment can be in place to ensure the worker’s safety, but human error cannot always be prevented. This can be in the form of a simple misstep, a machine that suddenly misbehaves even with regular maintenance, or even just straight up clumsiness. When and if any of these specific incidents occur, it’s best to know how to immediately respond to them to prevent more severe outcomes such as death or chronic pain.


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