What is the scope of construction safety?

Construction safety is more than just handing workers PPE and demanding that they wear it at all times. In dangerous environments such as these, the employer must be in tune with all that goes on at the construction site. Regardless, the scope of construction safety also includes:

  • Requiring Safety Training – Training is essential for well informed and alert employees. Without the necessary training, the facility will certainly see an increase in workplace accidents that may severely injure employees or even cause fatalities.
  • Reducing Existing Hazards – Performing risk assessments and job hazard analyses regularly is essential for mitigating and eliminating hazardous conditions. Do this to improve workplace conditions and ultimately reduce the number of accidents.
  • Following Regulations and Consensus Standards – If the applicable standards and regulations pertaining to construction safety are not followed, the construction firm may be penalized by OSHA. Regulations exist to keep people safe, but if they are neglected, the worksite may suffer from more accidents. An increase in accidents may result in a bad reputation, which in the end hurts business prospects.

Construction workers complete their tasks in some of the most dangerous environments in regard to accident frequency. Accidents can involve any of the fatal four: falling, being struck by projectiles, being crushed by machinery, being electrocuted, and anything else in between. With that being said, employers carry the weight of their employees’ well-being since they must provide all the necessary PPE, be familiar with all applicable regulations, and communicate with employees about new hazards.

These three ideals, plus the necessity of PPE, are prevalent in all successful construction firms. By all working together, these aspects of safety impart beneficial aspects that keep the business running smoothly while also keeping workers happy and highly productive.


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