How can workplace safety be maintained?

Under OSHA law, it is required that employers create and maintain a safe work environment. Assessing the workplace and implementing safety measures are an excellent first step, but efforts must be maintained to keep workers safe and healthy.

One of the best ways to maintain a safe facility and promote a safe culture is through visual communication. Having visual cues around the facility can be helpful reminders of the safe practices that must be followed. Some ways to do this is to post signs to let workers know when to don PPE, use labels to clearly communicate dangerous equipment, or hang posters reminding workers of safety procedures. Floor marking is another visual tool that can be used in a facility. You could use floor tape to mark off hazardous equipment or lay down industrial floor tape to create lanes for pedestrian and forklift traffic.

Safety Training

Training is also an excellent strategy for maintaining safety in the workplace. Periodic training sessions should be held annually or throughout the year to keep workers up-to-date and refreshed on safety practices and procedures.  Training should also take place for any new hires. If you feel it is necessary, you can have your workers complete the training for an OSHA card. These 10-hour or 30-hour courses are designed for different industries and is in-depth training about workplace hazards.

Another way to ensure your facility’s safety is a priority is to establish a safety committee. Workers from different levels and different departments should be brought together to form a committee dedicated to safety. The committee can meet on a monthly-basis to review safety practices, evaluate safety procedures, assess issues, and to brainstorm safety solutions. If you hold monthly company meetings, have the safety committee prepare to share any safety related news and any employee feedback. This way, managers and supervisors can all be on the same page when it comes to workplace safety.


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