How does workplace safety effect efficiency?

There is a common saying amongst safety professionals: a safe workplace is an efficient workplace! Production is positively and indirectly impacted by an effective safety and health program.

Improved morale and productivity

Studies have shown that when a safety culture is developed in a facility, employee productivity significantly increased, and factory costs noticeably decreased. The study found that focusing on reducing errors that led to accidents led to implementing training, auditing, and safety measures to increase and reduce expenses. When safeguards are put into place and worker’s feel safe doing their job, employees are more likely to take personal accountability and be engaged in their work. It has been proven there is a link between workers’ happiness at work and their productivity; engaged employees are more likely to be safe at work and more likely to work efficiently. 

Less downtime

When workers are suffering from injuries or tending to occupation-related health issues, they need to take the time to heal. Companies often have to provide overtime coverage, cover medical bills, provide workers compensation, and/or additional training. These can all add up to a significant cost incurred. By taking the time and effort to identify and address the hazards in your facility and implementing a safety program the number of injuries and illnesses will be dramatically reduced. When workers are kept safe, they won’t need to take extra time off to heal and you won’t need to scramble for coverage.

Whatever way you slice it, having an effective workplace safety strategy is beneficial. Not only are workers being kept from injury and illness, but your business is impacted as well. You’ll find safe employees are productive employees who are more likely to take pride in their work. Safety might not be the first avenue you look towards when looking to improve efficiency in your company, but it should be!


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